Nashville Home Owner Equity Rising Fast

Nashville Homeowners have lots to cheer about right now.  According to the National Mortgage Associations, Over 80% of the Homes in Nashville and Tennessee have at least 20% equity in them!

Of those $300,000 homes in Wilson County , 8 out of 10 of those homeowners have at least $60,000 in Equity as of October 2017!

This Map illustrates the tremendous Equity that Homeowners have accrued in the last 5 years throughout the US and especially here in Tennessee!

Significant Equity is Equity over 20%.

Don’t forget, 30% of the Homes in Nashville are Paid Off, No Mortgage!

It’s estimated that there is $8 Trillion in Home Equity in the U.S. today!


If your starting out with your first home here in Old Hickory or Hermitage or even Mt. Juliet, here is a chart estimating your Potential earnings on that investment over just the next 5 years.

If you have questions about the Equity in your Home, Please call us for a free Equity Analysis, it may be significantly more than you think!

Happy Home Owning!


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