Here is our End of Year Home sales Report for Brookstone 2017.

Brookstone Home Sales 

First of all. We had 9 homes sell in Brookstone during 2017.  The lowest priced home sold for $305,000 and the highest was for $487,500.  We have crossed the $300,000 threshhold and no homes in the neighborhood are likely to sell below that number from here on out.

Brookstone Home Sales Per Square Ft.

Secondly. The average Brookstone Home sold for $116 per square foot ( $116 per. Sq.Ft.) in 2017. An increase of 6$ per sq.ft. over 2016.

2017 Sales Chart

The Bottom Line, Where are Brookstone Home Sales?

What it comes down to is this.  The Average Home sold for $352,433 in 2017.  Thats an increase of $20,000 over 2016.

In conclusion , 9 home sales is about 5% of the homes in the Sub-Division. Certainly that number indicates a stable population. Therefore, No one is existing the area or neighborhood.

Note: The Average Brookstone home sold for about 99% of asking price in 2017.

2016 Sales Chart

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