Homes for Sale in Lake Providence

2017 Lake Providence Sales increase by 66% over 2016. We’re comparing the 3 month period between May 1 and July 31.   In 2016 there were 12 closings in Del Webb Lake Providence for that period.  Contrast that with 2017 where we have 20 Closings in the same period. A 66% increase.

And there are other changes too!

Average Price per square foot in Lake Providence last year was $177.  This year the Price per Sq. Ft. has grown to $183.

But be aware, Days on Market this year has grown to 39 Days. Last year it was just 19.  So if you’re thinking of selling, be prepared for this by:

-Making sure the Photography, Video and Website for your home are all perfect.

– De-Cluttering with an eye toward creating more open space in your home.  Buyers want Openness and Natural light in their new home.

-Emphasize upgrades, especially outdoor living Space, things such as Patios, Built in Grills and Firepits. All big with today’s Buyers.

-Don’t worry about pricing in a “cushion” for negotiating.  Lake Providence Homes are bringing over 98% of asking price.

And Lastly.

-Don’t think that you need to wait till next Spring to sell.  Home Sales in Mt. Juliet and Lake Providence are strong Year Round.

As always, Cathy and I are here for any questions you have regarding your Lake Providence Investment, Give one of us a call at 615-481-7609.